The Flood
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One day, there was a big flood.  It was rising up to a man's house.  The army, navy, and air force were rescuing people from their houses.  An army jeep came up to a man's house that the water was rising up to.

Driver:  Hey man!  Get in!
Man:  No!  I'm trusting God!

The jeep drove off.  The water rose up above his front porch.  The man went into his house.  Just then, a man driving driving a navy boat came up to his house.

Driver:  Hey man!  Get in!  The water's getting high!
Man:  No!  I'm trusting God!

The wind started making huge waves.  So the man drove off.  Suddenly, the water rose very high.  The man then climbed to the top of his house.  Then, a helicopter from the air force flew in and dropped a rope ladder down to the man.

Pilot:  Hey man!  Grab the ladder and let's get out of here!
Man:  No!  I'm trusting God!

After that, the water rose very high and the man drowned.  Then, the man went up to heaven and knew that he was there and he saw God.

Man:  Hey God, I'm glad to be here, but tell me one thing, why didn't you save
me from the flood?
God:  Well, I sent you a jeep, a boat, and a helicopter.  What else did you
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