School Projects

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: June 26, 2006

  Type: Title/Link: Description: Course: Semester:
Cool! Honors Project Swarm A 2D space shooter game designed using object-oriented techniques. CSE360 Fall 1999
Cool! Honors Project EPIC My own Assembly Language, Compiler, and Simulator. CSE330 Spring 1999
Cool! Honors Project PowerPlot Electric field physics simulation w/animation. Physics Spring 1998
  Honors Project ParaMotion Animated illustration of using vectors (instead of scalars) in the standard equation of motion.  Not available online. PHY121 Fall 1998
  Honors Project Convex Hull Algorithms Java applets that illustrate 2 different algorithms for calculating a convex hull of points. CSE310 Spring 1999
  Honors Project Diffusion Java applet that simulates the process of diffusion using a very simple algorithm. HON497 Spring 1999
  Honors Project Polynomial Plotter Java applet for plotting polynomials. CSE408 Fall 1999
  Group Project Portfolio Maker By team of 5 members. CSE360 Fall 1999
  Group Project Fashion Shop By team of 5 members. CSE408 Fall 1999
  Honors Thesis User Interface
Design Guidelines
My honors thesis provided many guidelines for user interface design.  Not available online. N/A Fall 2000
  Honors Thesis Glossary of Computer Terms I originally created this glossary for people I tutored, but I included it as an appendix in my honors thesis because it was applicable. N/A Fall 2000


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