How to Receive Files by E-mail

By Walton Dell
July 27, 1999
Last Updated: June 25, 2006

A file that is included in an email is called an "Attachment".   This can be any kind of file, including a picture file, sound file, music file, or spreadsheet file.  You can even attach a computer program, however, this is the most common way for computer viruses to spread.  A computer virus is simply a computer program that does something bad (computer viruses are written by people who hate the world).

NEVER open an attachment in an email from a stranger.  Even if you trust the person sending you an email, you should still be cautious if you receive a computer program as an attachment (they may not be aware of a virus). 


Most E-Mail Programs:
  1. On the email with an attachment, double-click the icon for the attached file.
  2. The email program may automatically open the file, or it may give you a choice to either "Open The File" or "Save The File To Disk".  If you choose the "Save" option, then do the following steps:
  3. A file save dialog box will appear.  At the top, change the location to "My Documents" or your folder for downloaded files.
  4. Click save.
  5. Go to the "My Documents" folder (or wherever you saved the file).
  6. Double-click the appropriate file.


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