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Last Updated: Sunday, June 25, 2006

Game Tips

bl17.gif (968 bytes) Look for bumps, and use them!  When any land vehicle is even the slightest bit airborne, it will plow right through buildings.  If you see a bump next to a building, drive over it and into the building.
bl17.gif (968 bytes) While tumbling with the Cyclone Suit, you can press Z to change direction.   However, if you continue to press Z after the Suit is done tumbling, the guy will jump out of the suit as he would normally do when you press Z. (I have not seen this tip anywhere else on the web!)
bl17.gif (968 bytes) You can destroy any building if you can step out of your vehicle into the space occupied by the building.  Drive up next to the building and hold down Z.  Most of the time this is not very useful, but sometimes it can be a huge help (such as in Oyster Harbor)!
bl17.gif (968 bytes) The red/orange race car does not slow down on grass like the other vehicles do!
bl17.gif (968 bytes) If you get enough velocity, you can destroy buildings with the J-Bomb vehicle from the side, rather than above.  However, if you touch the building, you will float up to the top without being able to do anything.
bl17.gif (968 bytes) Backlash is tricky to master, but it is fun once you do!  A helpful technique in Diamond Sands is to press brake at the end of a slide to get ready for the next slide.
bl17.gif (968 bytes) If you have any other tips, send them to me; I will probably post them here!

Walton Dell's High Scores

I have all the PLATINUM metals!  I have highlighted some of my most favorite scores below.

Missile levels:

Comment: Level: Time: Date:
Incredible!  Oyster Harbor 1:11.8! June 27, 1998
Stunning! Diamond Sands 1:30.0 July, 1998
  Argent Towers 22.3 seconds July, 1998
  Carrick Point 35.8 seconds May 13, 1997
  Blackridge Works 23.0 seconds ?
  Tempest City 26.2 seconds May 15, 1997
  Ebony Coast 56.4 seconds May 19, 1997
  Ironstone Mine 47.1 seconds May 28, 1997


Bonus levels:

Comment: Level: Time: Date:
Very good! Skyfall 3.1 seconds June 18, 1998
Fast! J-Bomb 20.4 seconds July 15, 1998
Must have been luck! Orion Plaza (Pool table) 21.6 seconds July 18, 1998
  Thunderfist 13.5 seconds July, 1998
  Falchion Field 20.9 seconds May 13, 1997
  More to come!...    



Comment: Level: Time: Date:
Super Hot!  Mars 21.2 seconds! July 17, 1998


I dare anybody to try to beat my score for Mars or any other level!!  Please send me an email if you are going to try, then send another email after you have tried.  I will then give you tips if you want. 

I am considering making a Hall of Fame page for people that have attained all the platinum metals.  Send an email if you have accomplished this and would be interested in having your name on my page.

Challenge me!  Or send comments!  Thank you!

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