Difficulty Guide


Very Easy   Anybody can always do it, and a baby could even do it (after a few tries).
Easy   Anybody can usually do it after a few tries, you're in serious trouble if you can't do it at all.
Easy/Medium   With some practice, most people will be able to do it.
Medium    It will probably take more than a few tries every time you do this trick.  You have to be a good game player to do it at all.
Medium/Hard       A difficult trick that requires a strategy for attack.  Many people can't do it at all.
Hard   For the experts only. You can consider yourself an expert if you pull this off, on purpose (accidents don't count).
Very Hard   An almost once-in-a-lifetime trick, even for an expert.  To do it again, you will have to spend many hours on many days and you'll probably need some luck too.


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