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By Walton Dell
Last Updated: June 27, 2006 

This section of my web site is intended to be much like the "Super Mario 64" section.  However, DK64 is a huge game, and I'm a very busy person.  Please tell me any interesting tricks or stunts you have done in Donkey Kong 64!

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Area: "Angry Aztec"
"Slide Master"  
Submitted By: Josh (Submitted as an idea.)  Not yet verified by Walton Dell.

When the parrot drops you into the temple, where you race the bug for a banana, try to collect all the coins AND win the race AND without losing any.

Josh Says:
Area: "Fungi Forest (Level 5)"
"Land on the Branch"
Submitted by a visitor Not yet verified by Walton Dell.

Simply jump off of the pendulum and land on the branch.

Visitor Says:

Area: "Hideout Helm"
"Hurry Through Hideout Helm"
Submitted By: Doctor Kay  (Submitted as an idea.)  Not yet verified by Walton Dell.

How many blueprints can you be missing and still complete the Hideout Helm?

Doctor Kay
Area: "Bonus Levels"
"What's Your High Score?"  
Submitted By: Doctor Kay  (Submitted as an idea.)  Not yet verified by Walton Dell.

What's your highest score in Rambi Arena and Enguarde Arena? Can you break 200 in either of them? 

What about Jet-Pack and DK arcade?

Area: "Battle Stage #2"
"Shortcut to Pulverize"  
Submitted By: Aaron  Not yet verified by Walton Dell.

In battle area #2, there's a shortcut in the "brick" area, or gray stones area.  To the left wall of the left tunnel in the area is the passage.  Press yourself against the wall slowly moving down.  Sooner or later you'll walk through the wall.  This is a good way to escape an opponent.

Aaron Says:
Area: "Crystal Caves"
"Under the Housetop"  
Submitted By: Aaron  Not yet verified by Walton Dell.

Go with DK into that building with the matching game with DK, Tiny, Diddy, Chunky, Lanky and the golden banana. Step on any switch which turns the place and run (before it moves) to the corner between the side you were standing on and the one you will be on. Sometimes, DK will go trough the floor and in some room with a gray floor and dark areas around it. To exit this "gray and black room", go under the door you came in the normal area. You should end up in front of the DK portal.

Aaron Says:
Area: "DK Isles"
"Waterfall Stand"  
Submitted By: Andy Snook  Not yet verified by Walton Dell.

My sister did this trick, and I don't know why I couldn't think this one up. Can you stand up on the ledge where water pours out in the Fairy area?

Andy Says:
Area: "Any Level"
"Underwater Attack"  
Submitted By: Aaron Snook Not yet verified by Walton Dell.

With Chunky and Diddy, you can do your Z+B move underwater!! Chunky's is easier and more interesting than Diddy's. Get a runway to where you FALL into deep enough water to swim in. (Gloomy Galleon is the best place to do this) With Chunky, and a runway, get ready to slam on the runway as close to the water as you can. If close enough, Chunky should go underwater while getting ready to slam, then slam underwater!! Then he'll start swimming. Diddy's is exactly the same way, but it's harder, since Diddy doesn't slide as much as Chunky. Diddy's isn't as cool, but you can see what he does underwater.

Aaron Says:
Area: "DK Isles"
"Fairy Fire Fun"
By Walton Dell  Verified Possible by Walton Dell.

In the Fairy area, it is possible to jump up to the lamp areas, but you won't get burned!   





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