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Final Bowser Level
and Battle:

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Fight Fire With Fire"  Ryu  This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

Can you throw Bowser into a bomb and then the next two turns can you throw Bowser into the place where the bomb used to be?


Ryu says:
"Bowser 3 Long Jump"  Submitted by a visitor  This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

This trick is pretty easy. You know that place with the four rotating platforms? If you go down as far as you can go you come to that large platform with the yellow item box on it. Try to long-jump to that platform from that place you talk to the bob-omb buddy. If you really want a challenge, try to do from a higher place in the course!


Visitor says:
"Take the Wallway"  By Walton Dell
The following trick is for the hallway leading up to "Bowser Level 3".

Try wall kicking all the way up the stairs portion of the hallway leading to the final Bowser battle.  Don't touch the stairs!

Bowser3_Wall_Kick_1.jpg (5638 bytes) Bowser3_Wall_Kick_2.jpg (13901 bytes)


"The Matrix Move"  By Walton Dell

To see Mario do a move like one of the moves seen in the movie, "The Matrix", simply try to jump while climbing the vertical "sticky wall" (keep holding the joystick forward).

Bowser3_Matrix_Move.jpg (8076 bytes)


"Little Shortcut"  By Walton Dell  

You can get a little shortcut if you double-jump off the spinning platforms.

Bowser3_Small_Shortcut.jpg (8806 bytes)

A visitor suggested that you do a back flip to get up there.

Submitted By:Will Armstrong  Verified Possible by Walton Dell

Can you stand on all the blocks that blow fire in the Bowser levels?

Bowser3_Floating_Fire_Shooter_1.jpg (18058 bytes) Bowser3_Floating_Fire_Shooter_2.jpg (17836 bytes) Bowser3_Floating_Fire_Shooter_3.jpg (8024 bytes)
Bowser3_Floating_Fire_Shooter_4.jpg (5055 bytes)
Bowser3_Floating_Fire_Shooter_6.jpg (18777 bytes) Bowser3_Floating_Fire_Shooter_7.jpg (7011 bytes)

(I've stood on all of them, not just the one in the photos above.)

(Don't fall!)
"Die 110 Times"  Submitted By: SweetTooth This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

Josh had the idea of going straight to the final Bowser battle (without talking to Yoshi or doing anything else), then dying 110 times, then beating Bowser. 

Hint:  FiNd FrEeLiFe

Submitted By: Kevin Slaughter  This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

This must be done without the extra move acquired from meeting Yoshi. From the beginning (of the level), get a running start straight forward. Next, do a triple jump so you land past the gray cube with the red coin above it. Continue this by doing another jump onto the first part of the tilting platform, then do another triple jump so you'll just barely make it onto the side of the first side of the platform with the arrows.  Now you must wall kick your way back up to the next platform without falling. This is difficult due to having to furiously do 3~5 kicks in under 4 sec. Note that if you DON'T kick, you'll just hit your head and fall into oblivion. It sounds to hard to believe, but it can be done.

I'm not sure I fully understand this trick, but I'll have to go play this level again sometime...

Kevin says...
Submitted By:Will Armstrong  Verified Possible by Walton Dell

Try to do this: In the 3rd Bowser level, fall off the 4 spinning platforms. There's a pillar holding up the platform with the rock enemy on it. Can you wall kick off the pillar onto the platform?


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