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Cap Switch Levels:

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Where to Find the Blue Cap Switch Level"  Possible! 

It is right there, silly:
Entrance_to_Blue_Cap_Switch.jpg (11344 bytes)

"Loop the Towers"  Submitted by: Greg   Verified Possible by Walton Dell!

Play the RED Wing Cap switch level (the entrance is in the castle lobby).  Greg suggested trying to loop any of the four small towers.  I've done this before.  In addition, I looped all the towers (with just the initial cap), and made it safely to the big middle tower.

Tower_Loop_1.jpg (9828 bytes) Tower_Loop_2.jpg (8605 bytes)

 Tower_Loop_3.jpg (9913 bytes) Tower_Loop_4.jpg (9691 bytes)

And so on...


"Dive on the Red Cap Switch"  Submitted by a Visitor!  This was submitted as an IDEA.  Not yet verified as possible.

Can you Swoop down and land on the red switch?

"Touch the Ceiling"  Possible!

Play the BLUE cap switch level (the entrance is in the castle moat).  Now, touch the ceiling.  It is also fun to jump over the wall next to the slide, either for a shortcut or for a fun free fall.

"Escape the Cage"  Possible!

Play the BLUE cap switch level (the entrance is in the castle moat).  Get in the cage at the end, let your blue cap run out, then escape the cage by wall kicking.

Escape_the_Cage.jpg (12830 bytes)


"No Metal Needed"  Submitted by a Visitor  Verified Possible by Walton Dell

A couple visitors have suggested to try to get all the red coins in the Metal Cap Switch level without using the Metal Cap.  (You'll find that level in the secret cave in Hazy Maze Cave.)

I say:
"No Vanish Cap"  Submitted by a Visitor! Verified Possible by Walton Dell!

After getting the star in the Vanish Cap course, get to the star without the cap by wall kicking. 

Escape_the_Cage.jpg (12830 bytes)


"Dashing Mario"  Submitted by a Visitor  Not yet verified by Walton Dell

In the blue cap course, try to get all the way to the yellow elevator before the invisible power runs out.

Visitor says:


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