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Outside the Castle:

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cool! "Walk on Water"  By Walton Dell  Possible!

Can you make Mario walk on water?

Here are the screenshots (they are NOT fake!):

Look below to learn how to do this trick (only if you give up!)...


Tree 1-UP Tricks:

"Duck the 1-UP" Scott RogoffVerified Possible by Walton Dell
Date submitted: Sunday, March 18, 2001

Scott says: 

You know the 1-up that appears when you jump out of the tree third closest to the water fall?  Well, if you duck right after you jump out, the 1-up will swirl around your head, but won't touch you. You can also crawl around.

"Run Away from the 1-UP" Submitted By: Dan the Dude
Verified Possible by Walton Dell
Date Submitted: Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Dan says:

This really isn't a trick, but it is fun to do and it's one of the most fun things to do outside of the castle after beating the game. First, find the tree to the left of the entrance with the 1-up at the top of it you get by climbing it. It may take you a couple tries to find the tree. Now that you got that all figured out, just climb the tree, but don't get the 1-up just yet. Set up your jump so you jump away from the mountain, and then leap out of the tree. The mushroom will spin around and then start to chase you. If you run like mad and long jump a lot, the thing won't catch you. See how long you can do this. If you distance yourself enough from the 1-up you can actually jump into the cannon and blast up onto the roof and get the winged hat. Triple-jump and fly around. The mushroom will follow you everywhere! I pulled this off once, so it can be done. After you get the 1-up (or it gets you) you can go back inside the castle to reset it. Getting the mushroom is easy the hard part is getting the mushroom to stop chasing you without going into the castle. It's impossible but don't let that stop you from trying this stupid trick.

My reply:  It really isn't that hard if you can get the 1-UP stuck somewhere!  Try the "extended" version of this trick below...

Dan says:

I say:

"Dark World with a Twist of Homing Mushrooms" 
Submitted By: Martin  Verified Possible by Walton Dell
Date Submitted: Friday, September 29, 2000

Martin says:

When you're outside, do the trick where you get the mushroom to follow you. Long jump over the fence into the (emptied) moat (you have to be really fast because you fluctuate when you land in the moat).  Now run along the bottom till ya get to the area that leads into the pond.  Here's the tricky part: hook a quick long jump into the pond. If successful, the mushroom will get stuck in the wall. Now go into the Dark World, wait a couple seconds, and the mushroom will start banging into the walls trying to get at you.  It is VERY hilarious. When you go out of the doors you'll get the mushroom. :-}

More details: After shooting to the castle roof, immediately go and get the Wing Cap, and again the 1-UP should get stuck, this time in the castle tower wall.  You can climb up the castle roof, take off, fly back into the tower (fly in a clockwise loop, toward the waterfall, so the 1-UP remains stuck in the other side of the tower), and then climb to the very top, take off, then fly into the Dark World.

"Side-Flip the 1-UP" Submitted by a Visitor This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell. 

Outside the castle, climb the 3rd tree from the waterfall. Before the 1-up is collected, jump off the tree and run around. The 1-up will follow you! See what you can do without collecting it (e.g. side somersaulting over it).


Other Tricks:

"Boo Bounce" James   This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.
Date Submitted: Saturday, May 19, 2001

James says:

  1. Go to the castle court yard.
  2. Jump on a boo.
  3. See how many times you can bounce on the boo without touching the ground!
James says...
"Multi-Flip" Randall
Date Submitted: Saturday, February 10, 2001

Randall says:

This trick is very easy, very fun, and very COOL!!! You have to have all 120 stars to do this trick.  Get the new triple jump from Yoshi.  Do a triple jump off the roof into the dried-up moat.  You should do multiple flips into the dried-up moat.  When you touch the dried-up moat you should do an extra flip.  You've also noticed that none of your power was lost.


"Out of Range" Submitted by a Visitor Verified Possilbe by Walton Dell
Date Submitted: Saturday, March 17, 2001

The Visitor Says:

I found something weird outside the castle. You have to be on the roof of the castle. Go to the [back of the right side] of the castle roof. Go all the way to the edge, [as close to the invisible edge of the world as possible], but don't fall. You have to hang on the edge of the castle and then press the "A" button or press up on the control stick. You will now loose your hat and you will hear Bowser laughing. You will loose a life and appear with your hat back on. This is not a useful trick, its a weird trick because I think you get out of that course pass the invisible wall, and since the game is not designed for that, it kills you automatically.

"Two Coins for a 1-UP"  By Walton Dell  Possible!

Hidden under the castle moat there are two coins.  Get both of the coins, and a 1-UP will appear:

Castle_Moat_Coins.jpg (8703 bytes) Castle_Moat_Coins_1UP.jpg (10094 bytes)


"Above It All"  By Walton Dell  Possible!

See how high you can fly over the castle tower:

Castle_Top_Fly_Over_Tip_1.jpg (7809 bytes) Castle_Top_Fly_Over_Tip_2.jpg (6426 bytes)


Kevin SlaughterVerified Possilbe by Walton Dell

Try doing at least 11 consecutive back flips... i.e. when you run forward, then pull back and jump. I've done 15 without stopping. It's all in the timing.

Kevin says...
Submitted by a Visitor Verified Possilbe by Walton Dell

Outside of the Castle, butt-stomp on the butterflies to get a 1-UP.  (If you do this on the butterflies at Tiny-Huge Island, they turn into cannon balls and explode.)

"Castle Bounce 1"  By Walton Dell  Possible!

Can you wall kick off the front right corner of the castle (starting behind the fence)?


"Castle Bounce 2"  By Walton Dell  Possible!

What about the front left corner?

star2.gif (1196 bytes) Obstacle course: "Castle-A"This one was created by my sister. Verified Possilbe by Walton Dell
  1. You must have all 120 stars.
  2. Go to the top of the castle.
  3. Get flight, and run toward the flag that is closest to the lake.
  4. While still on flat surface, take off.
  5. Fly through the flag, and turn sharply right.
  6. Fly over the roof of the entrance area.
  7. Fly to the right of the other flag tower (second closest to the waterfall).
  8. Turn sharp left, then fly under the big bridge (which goes to the entrance). [Optional: grab a coin on the way!]
  9. Fly under the other bridge which will leave you over the lake.
  10. Turn around, then fly back into the cannon (do not touch ground!).
(but FUN!)
Obstacle course: "Castle-B" SweetTooth  This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

SweetTooth says:

  1. Get the Wing Cap, then go to the tower facing the waterfall [but on the front side of the castle]. Go to the top of it and take off.
  2. Fly all the way around the other tower facing the waterfall.
  3. Fly down by the waterfall.  (Can you touch it?)
  4. Take a sharp left and fly under the castle bridge.
  5. Fly over the wooden bridge.
  6. Fly down as close as you can to the pond.  (Can you touch it?)
  7. Fly over the green hill and down to the sandy area where you started the game. (Don't touch!)
  8. Follow the path and dive down into the moat (over the fence). You'll have to constantly dive to keep you're height.
  9. Fly under the castle bridge (again).
  10. Fly over or under the wooden bridge (it doesn't matter, but under will make the next part a little harder).
  11. Take a sharp right and butt stomp to land in the cannon (Don't touch!)
  12. Aim a little higher than the flag on the right side of the castle.
  13. Fly through that flag.
  14. Fly through the next the flag and make a verrrrrrry sharp right.
  15. Fly back to the Wing Cap for more power and see how many "circuits" you can complete. I almost did two, but I messed up right at the end. (DANG!!!!)

This obstacle course is hard, but not too hard. It may not sound like it, but trust me, it's HARD! It took me almost 2 months to finally complete it. 

"The Top of the World"  By Walton Dell  Possible!

Can you make it to the very top of the castle (the top of the tower)?   If you double jump, you should be higher than the pole at the tip of the castle.

Castle_Top_Tower_Tip_Water_In_Moat.jpg (10368 bytes)

star2.gif (1196 bytes) "Dark World"  By Walton Dell  Possible!

Can you get into the "Dark World"?  You have to have 120 stars, then you have to fly into the front of the castle into the area where the roof meets the tower.  I've also been able to walk right into the glitch.  It may take a few tries, but this is a very cool glitch in Super Mario 64.  If you do it right, you will fall down into a "Dark World" where the computer thinks you are in the opposite area than you really are, and everything, but the castle walls (and Mario), is dark. This reminds me of the "minus one" world in the original Super Mario Bros. game!  That was a pretty cool glitch too!

This is where you will fall:
Dark_World_Entrance_1.jpg (11380 bytes) Dark_World_Entrance_2.jpg (11568 bytes) Dark_World_Entrance_3.jpg (10644 bytes)

You will fall into this small area (ouch, that hurt!):
Dark_World_1.jpg (7855 bytes)
Dark_World_Outside_6.jpg (6838 bytes) Dark_World_Outside_4.jpg (6889 bytes)

Go through the doors, and the computer
will think you are inside the castle:
Dark_World_Outside_1.jpg (8808 bytes) Dark_World_Outside_2.jpg (9166 bytes)

To escape the "Dark World", walk through the wall:
 Dark_World_Exit_1.jpg (16156 bytes) Dark_World_Exit_2.jpg (8664 bytes)




star2.gif (1196 bytes)  "Castle Top via Left"  By Walton Dell  Possible!

Did you know it is possible to get to the top of the castle without having 120 stars via the left side of the castle?!!  I did this trick not long after the game came out, so I could be the first person to have done this trick.  The way to do it is to "back kick" up the hill and over the waterfall (on the left side of the castle).  This is very hard, since the slope is very steep in some places!

-- Here are some screenshots: --

Get ready:

Jump, kick, jump, kick, etc...

Careful not to slip!  You can continue across the waterfall:

Once you get close enough,
you can jump for and grab onto the castle wall:
No_Screenshot_Available.jpg (12227 bytes)

Look at this view (notice all the extra water!):
Castle_Top_Tower_Tip_Water_In_Moat.jpg (10368 bytes)

This is such a great view, I didn't want to thumbnail it:



This is for
the pros only!

"Castle Top via Right"  Submitted by a VisitorVerified Possilbe by Walton Dell

A few web site visitors have told me how to get to the top of the castle from the right side of the castle, and now I have.

Kevin Gallo said: To get to the top of the castle without getting 120 stars from the right side!  You should be facing a green hill, with the castle wall to your [left].  Execute a triple jump starting just behind and to the right of the tree there: the first landing spot should be the base of the green hill.  The triple jump should take you up the hill.  If done right, you should be sliding on your butt toward the castle wall. Then, quickly jump out of your slide, and try to hit the little angled castle wall to the left. Then, as you hit that wall, wall jump to the big castle wall to your left.  If you can pull this off, Mario has a good chance of grabbing the castle wall.  Climb up and see what happens!

Another visitor said:  When you first start the game, go up to the path, make a right and follow the path across the bridge and head for the last tree. Start doing a triple jump, making sure your second is just right at the corner before the hill goes up vertically. The third jump should get you to the top of the hill, and you'll start sliding.  Jump, and with luck, you'll grab the top of the castle wall. Yoshi isn't there yet, but you can get three extra lives and a flying cap to play around with.

-- Here are some screenshots: --

Get ready, then run and do a
double-jump off the grass in the corner:

Make your third jump right about here:

Quickly jump to the castle wall and climb up:

Notice, there is no Yoshi there yet:
Castle_Top_Where_Is_Yoshi.jpg (10631 bytes)


"Water Flight"  By Walton Dell  Possible!

Once you do one of the tricks above, you can celebrate by flying over all that extra water (assuming you played a slot with only a few stars).  Here are some screenshots from a few fun little flights I've had:

Cool perspective:
Castle_Top_Fly_Over_Bridge.jpg (10531 bytes)

Let's fly under those bridges:
Castle_Top_Fly_Over_Water_Under_Bridge_2.jpg (8416 bytes)
Castle_Top_Fly_Over_Water_Under_Bridge_3.jpg (9229 bytes)

Now let's turn around and do it again:
Castle_Top_Fly_Over_Lake.jpg (10239 bytes) Castle_Top_Fly_Over_Water_2.jpg (9697 bytes) Castle_Top_Fly_Over_Water_Under_Bridge_1.jpg (9493 bytes) Castle_Top_Fly_Over_Water_3.jpg (8420 bytes)

Let's fly into the waterfall:
Castle_Top_Fly_Into_Waterfall.jpg (7712 bytes)  


"Super Dive"Submitted by a Visitor    This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

Go to the pond near the cannon and go towards the stairs to the door to the basement.  Don't go to the basement, stay in the water.  Swim to the dirt wall closest to the stairs.  When your right next to the wall, jump and press forward.  Mario will climb up the wall.  Hold it up so Mario is trying to get up the wall.  Slant the controller stick [just a little] like this: /  Do it for a little bit.  Then jump.

Visitor says:
"How to Walk on Water"  By Walton Dell  Possible!

See the "Walk on Water" trick above.

Put Mario in one of the places shown below (right where the steep ground meets the water), then rotate the camera until Mario is walking on water.  You may have to play around with the camera settings to get it to work.  Try both Mario Cam and Lakitu Cam, and zoom in and out.  Note: You can't really walk on the water very much, because you'll probably fall into the real water.  You can try walking along the edge of the pond, but this is tricky when you can't see it!



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