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Course 3 (Jolly Roger Bay):

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"O My Gosh!"  Submitted by a visitor  Verified Possible by Walton Dell
Date Submitted: Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Go to the Jolly Roger Bay level and pick the 1st star. Go into the ship that's underwater. When you get in there, open up the treasure chests and wait for the water to drain.

[You can ignore this part.] Now stand in front of the steps that lead to the star and then face the treasure chests. Run around the chests counter-clockwise one time, then turn around and run around them clockwise. Then do the butt-stomp on the chest closest to you (jump and push Z). 

Now run to the steps and zoom the camera view all the way out. Now barely move a little bit (tip-toe) and if you did it right, and little white O should appear and start floating around. This may sound fake, but it isn't. I have even got the trick to work without running around the chests, but you should run around them just in case. I think this is some sort of glitch. I have also heard of people getting an orange O when doing this, but mine is always white.

My reply:  Hey everybody, this one is for real!!  I verified it!  The grayed-out text above is not necessary to do the trick.  That part is probably just "urban legend" stuff that got generated as the description of this trick passed from person to person.  I tried it many times, and all I ever had to do was drain the water, zoom the camera out (this helps you find the O, since it does move around as you move - either Mario Cam or Lakitu Cam will work), then crawl around.  The O really is very small, and it looks like a glitch with the bubble system in SM64.  But it is just that one little O, so it is indeed strange.


"The Great Metal Race 4"  Submitted By: SweetTooth  

I guess this is about Medium/Hard. Get the Metal Cap in the ocean cave. Run and smash all the Goombas then run and get the circle of coins and finally, go open the chests and get the star [before the cap runs out]. It helps if you memorize the order.

"Aquarium Blue"  Submitted By: SweetTooth  Verified Possible by Walton Dell

Try to beat the secret aquarium without letting the power meter ever get to green (keep it blue the whole time!).

Aquarium_1.jpg (11022 bytes) Aquarium_2.jpg (10040 bytes)

"Jolly Jets"  Submitted By: "Chris Weekley" and "Fig's Posse" and "SweetTooth"!  Verified Possible by Walton Dell

Try to get the star from the jet-stream, without using either a metal cap or the turtle shell (just swim into it).

Jolly_Jets_1.jpg (7637 bytes) Jolly_Jets_2.jpg (8668 bytes) Jolly_Jets_3.jpg (7667 bytes)


I say:
"Hidden 1-UP"  Submitted by a visitor   Verified Possible by Walton Dell
Before you enter the course, jump into the small square hole on the left for a 1-UP.
"Mario Without Any Air"  Submitted By: "Christopher Womble"  This trick has not yet been verified by Walton Dell.

Chris says: Stay underwater for a full 5 minutes without returning to the surface. TRICK: Collect as many Gold Coins, Red Coins, and Blue Coins you can without returning to the surface.

Note: Chris submitted this trick as an idea and has not done this trick yet.

Chris says:
"Get Hit by a Shooting Star"  Submitted By: Jason Valasek  Verified Possible by Walton Dell

In the ocean cave, open the last chest, then jump towards the middle of the platform and jump in the air so that the star lands on you and you grab it without touching the ground.


I can get 104 coins.  
Try to do this:  shoot out of the cannon to the left pole, then jump to the middle pole, then jump to the right pole.  
Can you make it to the cave and back without your health meter ever going to green?  

If you like the background music, you can download it from the music section of my web site.

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