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Course 4 (Cool, Cool Mountain):

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Secret Passage Bypass"  Submitted By: Liam  Verified Possible by Walton Dell
Date Submitted: Tuesday, January 09, 2001

Liam says:

Go down the slide inside the house without going down the secret passage. Once you get to the bottom, wall kick up using [the two walls closest to each other]. Keep going up until you get to the ledge with the 1-UP that you [normally] get to via the secret passage.

I did this a long time ago, before I found the secret passage.  I originally thought that this was how you're supposed to get up there.

"Ice Wall Kick"  By Walton DellPossible!

It is possible to wall kick between the ice pillar that holds up the outdoor slide and the mountain, and you can make it all the way up to the slide!

Here's an overhead view:
Ice_Wall_Kick_Overhead_View.jpg (12357 bytes)

Here's a view from the front:
Ice_Wall_Kick_Front_View.jpg (9081 bytes)

Start here:

Wall kick back and forth:

You made it:

"Copy-Cat Penguins"  Submitted By: Scotty Hoag  Verified Possible by Walton Dell
Scotty says:

If you have Mario do his belly-flop (B when running), the baby penguins will copy you! The longer you slide, the further they will go. Also, if you slide into the penguin's mother, you will slide in place (sometimes) and won't stop until you jump out of it! Tweak the camera angle a bit and you can get a good shot of the penguins slide. A fun thing to do with this trick is to take both of the baby penguins to the mother, face them towards the edge of the mountain, and slide! If you slide long enough, the babies will slide off the edge of the mountain!


"Penguin Toss"  Submitted by a Visitor

It is also possible to throw the baby penguins off the world or into a cannon.

"Secret Tunnel in the Snowy Slide"  Submitted by a Visitor

When you see a row of coins leading into the side of the slide, go straight, and you will find a secret tunnel:

Slide_Tunnel_1.jpg (9453 bytes) Slide_Tunnel_2.jpg (12350 bytes) Slide_Tunnel_3.jpg (8611 bytes) 

Slide_Tunnel_4.jpg (9638 bytes)

There is a 1-UP box here:
 Slide_Tunnel_5.jpg (9784 bytes)

Note: If you use this trick in the Big Penguin Race, you won't get the star because the penguin will disqualify you for cheating.

Submitted by a Visitor Verified Possible by Walton Dell

First, go down the slide. Then, after you get out, get on the lift. When you get about halfway across, do a long jump.  You should land on the lower section of the other side!

Visitor says...
Submitted by a VisitorVerified Possible by Walton Dell

To get a shortcut for "Wall kicks will work", go down to the snowman's head and look for an enemy with a tiny helicopter on its head.  Jump on him and helicopter spin off the edge.  Go inwards and you should land on a ledge going around to the star. 8*)  

I've gotten 154 coins.  By Walton DellPossible!
Did you know you can get coins from the snowman on this course and on course 10?  I didn't know that for the longest time!  That's why I was missing 3 coins before.

Course04_154_Coins.jpg (10039 bytes)

"Get the Baby Back"  By Walton DellPossible!

Play the "???" star (the one where you take the baby to its mother). Give the baby to its mother. Now take the baby away from the mother! Now give it back!

"Snow-Tree Jumping"  By Walton DellPossible!

Jump from the first tree you see to the other tree and back.

"You Can Make It!"  By Walton DellPossible!

It is possible to jump across the broken bridge at the top of the mountain to get the red coin star.

"Slip Up"  By Walton DellPossible!

Play "Slip Slidin' Away", and try to make it up the slide from the bottom!

Slip_Up_1.jpg (10855 bytes) Slip_Up_2.jpg (11114 bytes) Slip_Up_3.jpg (9057 bytes)

"Ignore the Penguin"  Submitted by a VisitorVerified Possible by Walton Dell

Slip by the right hand side (Mario's left) of the huge penguin (after 120 stars) without him talking to you (then you should slide without racing the huge penguin).

Visitor says...

If you like the background music, you can download it from the music section of my web site.

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