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Course 5 (Big Boo's Haunt):

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Elevator Squash" Submitted by a VisitorVerified possible by Walton Dell
At least a couple visitors submitted this trick.
  Here it is in my words: 

Go into the small building near the beginning of the course, then take the elevator down.  Hop off.  If the elevator doesn't start going up automatically, jump back on, then immediately jump off again.  Stand in the spot where the elevator platform was.  When the elevator comes back down, it will be on top of you!  You can move around by holding Z to crawl.  Mario will crawl on top of the platform, but when you let go of Z, he will be stuck in the platform again.  To escape, simply crawl off the platform.

-- Here are some screenshots: --

Stand there and get squashed:

Go over to the corner for a close up view:

Hold Z, and crawl around on top:

Go up against the wall for more weird effects:
Elevator_Squash_10.jpg (8165 bytes) Elevator_Squash_11.jpg (9107 bytes)


"Wall Kick to the 1-UP on the Haunted Shed"
  By Walton DellPossible!

Go to the small building at the beginning of the course.  Now get to the top, without using the yellow boxes!!  (You can break the boxes to get them out of your way, or you can do this trick from the other side of the building.)  It is possible to do a double jump, then wall kick off the course border wall, then make it to the very top of the small building (without slipping off).  I think it is a lot easier if you do a triple-jump (and wall kick) instead of a double-jump (and wall kick).

-- Here is a screenshot: --

Course05_Small_Building.jpg (6791 bytes)


"Get Up for the 1-UP on the Haunted Shed"
Submitted by a Visitor This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

The visitor says:

I think everyone knows that you can get a 1-UP on top of the shed in front of the mansion. All you have to do is time the Crazy Spring Box right. Well, try it WITHOUT the Crazy Spring Box [and without wall kicking!]!


If you want to figure it out yourself, don't read below.


This is how you do it. Go into the mansion (the second level).  And wall jump to the balcony (where Big Boo is). Defeat Big Boo, and long jump to the right Gable like you would normally do. Now crawl ALL the way over to the left Gable. Long jump off of it and you should land on the shed!

Again, this is the haunted shed:
Course05_Small_Building.jpg (6791 bytes)


"Catch Big Boo with his pants down!"
Submitted by a Visitor This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

The visitor says:

 This isn't really a TRICK...but its cool. First of all, face the shed and press ^C until it buzzes. Now swivel the view to the right so you face the balcony. You will see Big Boo Floating around up there waiting for you. Now Go on the ghost hunt and defeat all of the ghosts. Go in the main room (where Big Boo is). DON'T KILL BIG BOO! Now hurry outside to the front of the mansion and face the shed and look at the balcony (like before). If you did it quick enough, you will see Big Boo floating back to the balcony (from the main room). This suggests that the game is programmed to show Big Boo floating up to the balcony once you exit the main room. Can you see him???

"Piano Room Wall Kick"
 Submitted by: This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

Visitor says:  A wall kick expert like me should not have any problems performing this trick. First you need to enter the mansion. Next, go to the Mad Piano room. Walk to the wall opposite of the piano, run from the wall, do a side somersault, and when you touch the wall, do a wall kick and push the control stick toward the platform on the right. If you do this right, you will land on the platform.

Visitor says:
"No Stairs"  By Walton DellPossible!

Play the "Go on a Ghost Hunt" star.  Now try to make it to the interior balcony without using the stairs!!

-- Here are some screenshots: --

(Warning: these spoil how to do the trick)

Ready, Set:


Jump and kick:

Whoa, that's close:

Ah, safety:

Cool view:

Guess how I got there (no door needed):


"Balcony to Balcony"  By Walton DellPossible!

This is a fun little shortcut.  Just jump from one balcony to the other:

Balcony_to_Balcony.jpg (9865 bytes)


"Skip the Collapsing Bridge"  By Walton DellPossible! 

This is another fun little shortcut.  Simply long-jump across the gap and skip the collapsing bridge:

Skip_the_Colapsing_Bridge_1.jpg (9688 bytes) Skip_the_Colapsing_Bridge_2.jpg (9452 bytes)


"The Rooftop"  By Walton DellPossible!

A lot of people ask how you get to the roof. This is not really a trick, but here's a picture showing the room where you need to wall kick to get to the rooftop.  You will also have to beat Big Boo and long jump over to the roof.

How_to_Get_to_Roof_1.jpg (8053 bytes)

Here's a picture of the rooftop:
Course05_On_The_Roof.jpg (5837 bytes)

(Not a trick)
"Piano Battle" Submitted by a Visitor Verified possible by Walton Dell

A visitor suggested to go to the room with the piano and try to stay alive as long as possible, but don't let the piano go to sleep!!  Time yourself!

Piano_Attack_1.jpg (8091 bytes) Piano_Attack_2.jpg (7833 bytes)

"Mega Oof"  Submitted by a Visitor  This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

This trick is very funny.  You need the stairs to do this. Go to the top of the stairs (not the 2nd floor) and do your butt slam.  If done correctly, Mario will go, "oof!" 3 or 4 times.

Visitor Says...
I can get 151 coins.  
"The Ghost's 1-UP"  By Walton DellPossible!

Get the 1-UP mushroom on the small building.


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