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Course 8 (Shifting Sand Land):

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Bouncing in a Box"  Submitted by a Visitor  Verified possible by Walton Dell
Date Submitted: Friday, April 20, 2001

Go to the place where these boxes are moving around on the paths surrounded by quicksand. What you have to do is to jump into one of the boxes when the entrance is on the side. If done correctly, and the view of your camera can see Mario, you will see Mario getting a rough ride tumbling around in the boxes!

My Reply: If you set the camera to close-up Mario Cam, then you will see the bouncy ride from inside the box!

"Eye Rock, The Hard Way"    Wolf190  Verified possible by Walton Dell
Date Submitted: Saturday, April 07, 2001

There are 2 ways of finding Eye Rock, but I didn't know that. Here's the hard way: Go inside the pyramid and get on the moving sand. If you go the direction opposite that it is pushing, you will come to a dead end.  Jump off, and you should be right on top of the building that Eye Rock lives in.  Switch to Mario Cam so you can get a better look around.  You will find a hole in one of the sides. Barely fall so you will grab the ledge. Next, press Z to fall off, but as soon as you reach the hole, press B to kick, and try to get to the area that leads down to Eye Rock!

My Reply: I can't believe I forgot to post this trick when I did it long ago.  Oh well, here it is now!  Thanks Wolf190.  I am pretty sure it is not "Very Hard", though, and I don't think you want to press Z, since then you can't kick!  Just jump and kick!

Wolf190 says:

I say:

"Shoo, Bird!  Don't Bother Me!"
N_Duran   Verified possible by Walton Dell
Date Submitted: Thursday, June 07, 2001

Have you noticed that the large bird always tries to get your hat?  If you're getting really frustrated with that bird, make a note of this: the bird only goes for your hat because it doesn't have its talons full.  Whenever you enter the level, always go to Star 1 instead of the others.  The large bird has a star in its talons.  It will never bother you, even after you get the star!

NOTE: Memorize the other star you want to collect.

"Sand Land Hat in Hand"  Submitted by a Visitor  Verified possible by Walton Dell

Visitor says:  Let the vulture take your cap and then kick him and make him drop it, and then use the teleporter a couple of times. When you go back to get your hat, you will pick it up and put it on only to find another hat. When you pick that up your hat will disappear from your head and appear in your hand.

"Sand Land Cannon Zombie"  Submitted by a Visitor    Verified possible by Walton Dell

Visitor says:  Go in the cannon. Now go all the way to the upper left and fire yourself. You will fall back into the cannon.  Do the trick until you are out of power. You'll still be alive even though you have no power! You can also do this with the flying cap, but you can still fly around if you launch yourself out of the cannon (with cap), even with no power.  If you land on the ground you will die.

My comment: You can even collect coins while you are flying, and they won't restore your power!

"Get Wing Cap With No Hat"   By Walton Dell

Have you ever tried getting a wing cap when you didn't have your regular hat?  When the wing cap runs out, you will be hatless again.

Course08_Hatless_Wingcap_1.jpg (14091 bytes) Course08_Hatless_Wingcap_2.jpg (13971 bytes)

"Tornado Rescue"  Chris Weekley This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

Chris says:  Go to one of the pits with a tornado in it. Jump into the pit just before the tornado comes out. Mario will sink halfway into the sand only to be pulled out by the twister.

Chris says:
"Weird Glitch"  Chris Weekley This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

Chris says: I have no idea how I did this trick. I have never been able to do it again, and you probably will never do it either, so I expect people to be skeptical. But it did happen to me once. I was fooling around with the wing cap when I went into the lower pyramid opening. Mario hit the wall and fell just right so that I was standing at the bottom of the entrance and I didn't actually go in the pyramid. The only explanation I can come up with is that my game glitched.


Chris says:

Submitted by a VisitorThis trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.
A visitor submitted the following obstacle course (in his words):
  1. Go to where the cannon is, get wing cap.
  2. Use the cannon to get the nearest red coin in the sky, then go counterclockwise round the pyramid getting the other three.
  3. Dive down under the temple, to the right of the nearest pillar and to the left of the next.
  4. Turn sharply and land on top of the temple.
  5. Get the Koopa shell, and get the coins on all of the big red and yellow pillars.
  6. Circle the palm tree twice, then go in a straight line towards the cannon.
  7. Get the wing cap, and use the cannon to get the 'Shining atop the pyramid' star.

I have not yet tried this obstacle course myself.

Visitor says:
Andy Braet  Verified possible by Walton Dell

Andy says:

Can you get the "Stand tall on the four pillars" star without standing on the pillars?

The trick is that inside the pyramid, you can climb to the very top and then jump down, landing on the box that holds the boss. Then stand directly overtop the opening and fall down. If you are lucky, Mario will grab onto the opening on his way down and climb in.

"Lost Hat"  By Walton Dell

Did you know that if you die or leave a course after your hat has been taken away that you still won't have your hat?  You have to go back to the course where you lost it to get it back.

Hatless_Outside_Course08.jpg (6770 bytes)


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