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Course 9 (Dire, Dire Docks):

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Dire, Dire Docks Skip The Blocks"   By Walton DellPossible! 

DireDocks_Skip_the_Blocks_01.jpg (10842 bytes)

Start here, double or triple-jump,
and wall kick off the wall:
DireDocks_Skip_the_Blocks_02.jpg (8654 bytes)

Make it up to here:
DireDocks_Skip_the_Blocks_03.jpg (9916 bytes)


"Dire, Dire Docks Skip The Blocks 2"   By Walton DellPossible! 

Make it up to here by wall kicking:
DireDocks_Skip_the_Blocks_B_01.jpg (8162 bytes)
(You may need to turn up the brightness on your monitor.)


"Block Buster 2"  Submitted By:SweetTooth  This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

Hit the switch and destroy the blocks that lead up to the to the red coin platform one by one.

"Dire Dive"  Submitted by a Visitor    This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

When you are going to the 2nd portion of the course (submarine), try to go through the tunnel without having your power meter get to green. (You can take a breath of air when possible.)

Visitor says...
"Ocean Floor"  Submitted By:  This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

Psyduck72 says:

I got the 100th coin from a red coin. When I got the star while hanging on to the pole, Mario appeared on the ocean floor directly under where I was and did his victory pose.

"Double Sub"  Submitted By:SweetTooth Verified Possible by Walton Dell

Can you get Star 1 (Board Bowser's Sub) TWICE?

The sub disappears after you collect the star once.

Here are some screenshots (the blue star is nearly invisible, but it is there!):


Hmm, is this an alternate route?
A long jump might work (unverified).
Looks very hard, if it is possible at all:
Board_Bowsers_Sub_Is_This_An_Alternate_Route.jpg (10046 bytes)

Another visitor submitted the following comments (about another method):

I had the "Double Sub" trick work out for me yesterday. The first star I got was "Chests in the Current", then "Collect the Caps", then "Through the Jet Stream", then finally I got the one on the submarine. Then I went and got the manta ray's star. When I went back into the level to get the eight red coins, Bowser's sub was still there, and there were no poles to jump onto to get the red coins. So I got the one on Bowser's sub again (it was blue and shadowy, because I got it once before) and when I went back into the level the poles were there and I got the eight red coins normally.

Visitor says...
"Take the Subway"  Submitted By: Jason Valasek  This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

This one's pretty darn easy... can you get the star on Bowser's sub without using the ! switch?

Jason says...
"Super Swimmer"  Submitted by a Visitor  This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

Try [not] to get sucked into the big hole that used to be covered up by a door with Bowser's picture on it WITHOUT using a turbo controller or the shell at the bed of the ocean.

I'm pretty sure the visitor meant that you are supposed to swim by the hole and avoid getting sucked out of the level.

Visitor says...

If you like the background music, you can download it from the music section of my web site.

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