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Course 11 (Wet-Dry World):

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Hang On Wall While Dead"  Submitted by a Visitor  This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.
Date Submitted: Saturday, April 21, 2001

Visitor says:  This is a cool glitch I found. In Wet-Dry World, get into "town", drain the water, and get your life down to two pieces. Go to the platform with the highest diamond but don't touch it. Jump toward the cage and if you're lucky, you will land on the thin wall, lose the last two pieces of life, and grab onto the wall. You will still die as soon as you let go or climb up!

My reply:  I'm not sure what the "cage" is, nor what the "thin wall" is.


Visitor says:  

"Deadal Mario"  Submitted By: Peller Verified Possible by Walton Dell!  
Date Submitted: Thursday, December 7, 2000

Visitor says:  To do this, go into water town and collect any coins you find along the way. Drain the water so you could walk on the bottom. Get damage by wall kicking between buildings and falling. go to the very top where the water switch is. Ignore the switch and jump to the four blocks with the metal cap in it. Jump off the blocks to the bottom of the town. When he lands, you will see that metal Mario is not completely invincible. Mario will die with the metal suit on.



"Block Buster"  By Walton DellPossible!

Hit the switch that activates the "stairway of blocks".  Now, try to destroy all the blocks before they disappear!!  This takes some strategy on the timing!  You must hear the destroy sound effect for every block.

Blockbuster_Overview.jpg (14684 bytes)

Method #1:

Start with the closest block, and do them in order:
Blockbuster_Button.jpg (13443 bytes)Blockbuster_0.jpg (13304 bytes)Blockbuster_1.jpg (13817 bytes)Blockbuster_2.jpg (13489 bytes)
Wall kick to get to the higher blocks:
Blockbuster_3.jpg (13483 bytes)Blockbuster_4.jpg (13136 bytes)Blockbuster_5.jpg (12696 bytes)Blockbuster_6.jpg (12786 bytes)

Method #2 (harder):

Butt-stomp the farthest block, hopefully grabbing the next block, then continue:
Blockbuster_Top_First_1.jpg (14486 bytes)Blockbuster_Top_First_2.jpg (14734 bytes)Blockbuster_Top_First_3.jpg (15168 bytes)


"Die and Get a Star"  Submitted by a Visitor  Submitted as an IDEA!  This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

Visitor says:  Get the "Top O' The Town" star but don't grab it, do the cannon trick where you fire above the sun, after you die, aim well above that island where the star is, if done correctly, you should get the star. I have unsuccessfully tried this, so I consider it Hard or maybe Medium/Hard, but I'm quite sure it's possible to do.

My reply:  Sorry, but I don't think this is possible.  I haven't tried this one specifically, but in Course 1, I did the "Flying Dead" trick (where you get a wing cap, die and fall into a cannon, then shoot), then I flew right into a star I had activated earlier.  I flew right through the star, hit the ground and died.

I say:
"Invisible Metal Mario"  Submitted By: Alex  This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

First, go to downtown. Drain the water to it's lowest level. If you get to the very top, you will see a metal cap. Get the metal cap and drop down to the bottom of the area. Find the invisible cap and get it before the metal cap runs out. If done correctly, you will get a metal, invisible Mario.


Alex says:
"Wet-Dry Star"  Submitted by a Visitor  Submitted as an IDEA!  This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

Visitor says:  Raise the water to it's highest by side flipping into the painting, then go by the cannon, aim, back flip, butt stomp, and maybe you'll hit the "Shocking Arrow Lifts" star then swim over and get the star, it's harder than it sounds, but not as hard as getting to the top of the Castle without the cannon, but it's a little harder than getting all the coins in Cool Cool Mountain. I'd say Medium/Hard at first, then after some practice it's Easy/Medium

I'm not sure I understand this trick.

Visitor says:
"Laughing Mario"  Submitted by a Visitor    This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

On Wet-Dry World there's that platform made of wood. (It has that big switch on it.) Do the objective where you are supposed to find the secrets. Find all of them except the one on the platform. Jump up there are get it. When you get the star let that metal ball that shoots fire burn you. Jump up and get the star. If done right, Mario will laugh instead of saying, "Here we go!" (I can't remember weather it's secrets or coins you use to do this, sorry!)

Visitor says...
"Wet-Dry Cannon Zombie"  Submitted by a Visitor  Verified Possible by Walton Dell!

Can you die and fall into a cannon?

When you go in the cannon, aim a little higher than the sun, then fire yourself at the wall.  [When you fall, you should fall back toward the cannon.  You should hit the edge right next to the cannon] and lose half of your power.  [You should also "bounce" right into the cannon.]  Do this again to die and fall in the cannon.

Get in the cannon, aim above the Sun, and shoot:
Course11_Cannon_Life_1.jpg (11909 bytes)
Course11_Cannon_Life_2.jpg (6744 bytes)

Fall, get hurt, and "bounce" into the cannon:
Course11_Cannon_Life_3.jpg (10998 bytes)

Repeat the steps above:
Course11_Cannon_Life_4.jpg (7492 bytes)
Course11_Cannon_Life_5.jpg (11690 bytes)

Now you are a zombie:
Course11_Cannon_Life_6.jpg (7755 bytes)

As soon as you touch the ground
(or a floating cylinder :-), you die:
Course11_Cannon_Life_7.jpg (11500 bytes)


"High Water Level"    By Walton DellPossible!

When you first enter the painting to get into this world, do a double-jump such that you enter the top portion of the painting.  This will cause the water level to start at an unusually high level!

"Cage Climber"  By Walton DellPossible!

Go to the bottom of the tall caged area and lower the water to ground level and break the yellow block, then try to wall kick left and right all the way up the inside of the caged area.   Also try wall kicking front to back, which is not as easy.

"Cage Diver"  Submitted By: Will ArmstrongThis trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.

In Wet-Dry World, can you get into the cage that leads into town without the cannon?  Try to triple-jump and air body attack into the cage that leads into town.

"Cage Diver 2"  Submitted by a Visitor  Verified Possible by Walton Dell!

Here is another way to get into the cage that leads into town without using the cannon:  

Do the "High Water Level" trick above, and then you can just jump into the cage that leads to town.

Here's a screenshot:
Cage_to_Town_High_Water_Level.jpg (10307 bytes)

"Cage Diver 3" By Walton DellPossible!

You can also continuously back kick along the slanted surface that leads up to the cage. This is tricky, but definitely possible.

Here's a screenshot:
Cage_to_Town.jpg (9439 bytes)

"Cage Diver 4" Submitted By:   This trick has not yet been verified possible by Walton Dell.
This is similar to #3 above, but relies on a "glitch" that I have not been able to duplicate.

Igrooms46 says:  In the wet-dry world go to the top of the stage. From the big bomb looking guy go to the sign that is close to the ["cage"] that goes to the other part of the stage. Get on the sign facing the cannon area, and back flip off the sign. If you do this right a glitch in the game will cause you to slide down the hill, but no fall off.  You can do this all the way to the ["cage"].

Igrooms46 says:


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