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Course 12 (Tall, Tall Mountain):

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Thursday, February 02, 2006

"The Hidden Hut-Top" By Walton Dell
Date Created: Before December 2000

Part 1: Enter the slide area.  Walk out of the hut that you start in.  Now, jump up onto the first arch that you see.  That was the easy part.

Part 2: While on top of the arch, turn around to face the hut you came out of.  Now, can you jump to the top of it?  I don't think so.  I've been very close, but I haven't made it.  I can long jump off the arch (that's a bit tricky right there), then hit the side of the hut and wall kick off of it, turn around in mid air, and almost grab the edge as I fall.  But no dice.

P.S.  Don't forget the 1-UP (by the hut), in case you fall off the slide.  I once got a 1-up while inside the hut, but I don't know how or why.





"Dangerous Wall Kicking"  Submitted By: Tiger_364
Verified Possible by Walton Dell
Date Submitted: Monday, October 09, 2000

Tiger says:

Go down the ramp to the very right at the beginning of the course.  Wall kick from the bottom of the first gap up to the near start of the course. Now, can you drop down the second big gap that you'd normally long jump over, and go far down and wall kick back up to safety?  I have made it 75% down the hole and wall kicked back up.  Can you do it?

My Reply:  Awesome trick!


This is:

"Goomba Bouncing"  Submitted By: Scott Rogoff
Verified Possible by Walton Dell
Date Submitted:
Sunday, November 12, 2000

Scott says:

Can you long jump and bounce on the first Goomba, then the second, then the third, without touching the ground?  Hint: You should try to line them up by getting them to follow you to the right spot.

My reply:  This one looks so cool when you pull it off!  Good luck!

"Super Slide Shortcut"  Submitted By:Kevin Foster 
Verified Possible by Walton Dell
Date Submitted: Saturday, October 14, 2000

Jump off the second turn on the slide.

Another visitor put it this way:

In the slide in Tall, Tall Mountain, there is a shortcut if you fall to your left at the first big turn (with the quarter-pipe side on the right). You might have to control Mario in the air to land right.

Kevin says:
"Bypass the Slide"  Submitted By:Grantzilla  Verified Possible by Walton Dell

Grantzilla reminded me of a stunt I did once. Get the star that you normally get at the end of the slide (after falling through the hole), but don't take the slide. That is, jump off the mountain, and land in the little area with the star (and get the star).


"Seeing Double / Twin Monkeys"  Submitted by a visitor Verified Possible by Walton Dell

Take the monkey from the top of the mountain. You'll find he's not the monkey who took your hat! Bring him by the waterfall, if he talks to you, hold on! Jump! If you land in the right spot, you'll be able to put him down.  It's easy to tell the good monkey from the bad monkey; the bad monkey tries to get your attention, but the good monkey who gives you the star stays away from you.

Visitor says:
"Lonely Mushroom Without Cannon" By Walton DellPossible!

Play "Blast to the Lonely Mushroom" and try to get the star (on the lonely mushroom) without using the cannon!  I know two methods!

"Cannon Without Warp" By Walton DellPossible!

Play "Blast to the Lonely Mushroom" and try to get to the cannon without using the warp!

"Touch Every Mushroom" By Walton DellPossible!

Try to touch every mushroom without dying (if you die, start over from the beginning).

"Straight up the Mountain" By Walton DellPossible!

Can you make it to the monkey without going around the mountain?  In other words, you need to go straight up the mountain!  I know two methods!

  1. Go into the water at the beginning, and go to the gray mountain slope.  Get a bit out of the water without slipping back in, then turn around (without slipping back in), and start to jump kick backwards up the slope.
  2. Use the wind by jumping past the 1-UP.

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