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Luigi in Super Mario 64?

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Thursday, February 02, 2006

See update below as of 2006!

Sorry!  There is no Luigi in Super Mario 64.  It is a hoax.  There are even some web sites with pictures of the game that show Luigi, but anybody with a semester of experience with Photoshop can produce these kinds of fakes.  If you find instructions to find Luigi in the game, they will probably be very long and difficult, and you'll never be able to do all the moves right because they are a joke.

If you don't believe me, I'll make you a bet.  It's a bet you'll never lose, but you'll also never win.  I will send you $30 if you are the first person to send me a video tape that shows a fully animated Luigi in the standard American version of Super Mario 64 (other games don't count) for the regular Nintendo 64 (not Nintendo DS).  Using a GameShark to make a green Mario doesn't count.  It must be Luigi.  Luigi must play a full level and be seen from every angle.  Changing the tint on your video to green will not count, nor will any other obvious fakes.  You must prove that you are using an original cartridge, not a hacked copy of the game.  Basically, I must be able to duplicate what I see in the video with my copy!

Update February 1st, 2006:

Many people have emailed me with a link to a Luigi video on Google Video.  The video does in fact show a fully animated Luigi in what appears to be the standard Super Mario 64.  But guess what?  That is NOT the standard Super Mario 64.  It is a hacked copy of the game, running in an emulator!  The original posting of that video is on at the following address:

The author of that video (the same guy that posted it) is an expert at reverse engineering video games.  Just read his comments below the video.  He hacked the Super Mario 64 polygon data and made Mario look like Luigi.  Note that the Mario icon is still in the top-left corner of the screen.  ;-)

So, sorry, there still is no Luigi in the standard Super Mario 64.


Yoshi, on the other hand, IS in the game, but only to speak to at the end.  You must have 120 stars, then you can use the cannon to get to the top of the castle.  There you will find Yoshi, but unfortunately, you can not ride Yoshi.
Actually, here is a way to play as Luigi:
  1. Beat Bowser 3.
  2. Watch the credits.
  3. Beat Bowsers 2,3,1 in that order.
  4. Turn the game off.
  5. Whip out your SNES.
  6. Hook it up.
  7. Put in Super Mario World (or All-Stars w/SMW).
  8. Start a 2-player game on any file.
  9. Kill off Mario.
  10. Now you're playing a 1-player Luigi game! (Just don't die!)

Submitted By:SweetTooth


The background music is from Super Mario Bros., a game which DID have Luigi.  
You can download the music from my Music section.

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