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The Hidden Warps

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Thursday, February 02, 2006


Note: If you are new to the game, you may not want to read the following, since it will spoil the locations of the warps (which you might like to search for).  I made this page for reference, and for people that might have missed one of these along the way to 120 stars.


"Course 1 Warps"
Warp 1-1A:
<--> Warp 1-1B:
Warp 1-2A:
<--> Warp 1-2B:
"Course 2 Warps"
Warp 2-1A:
Course02_Warp1A.jpg (10436 bytes)
<--> Warp 2-1B:
Course02_Warp1B.jpg (11645 bytes)
"Course 4 Warps"
Warp 4-1A:
Course04_Warp1A.jpg (12236 bytes)
<--> Warp 4-1B:
Course04_Warp1B.jpg (10257 bytes)
"Course 7 Warps"
Warp 7-1A:
Course07_Warp_1A.jpg (12240 bytes)
<--> Warp 7-1B:
Course07_Warp_1B.jpg (10434 bytes)
"Course 8 Warps"
Warp 8-1A:
Course08_Warp_1A.jpg (9291 bytes)
<--> Warp 8-1B:
Course08_Warp_1B.jpg (11830 bytes)
"Course 10 Warps"
Warp 10-1A:
Tree Near Corner
<--> Warp 10-1B:
Tree Near
 Freezing Lake

More to come...
(Please do not submit the missing warps unless you are really bored.)


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