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Castle Lobby:

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Walking on the Ceiling"  Submitted by: Zack in Texas. 

Go up the main staircase in the castle lobby. [Run away from] the door with the keyhole, [then] do a side somersault towards it. This will put you on the slanted part of the ceiling!

My comment:  For a real challenge, see how long you can stay up there!  Medium

Castle_Lobby_Ceiling_1.jpg (8254 bytes) Castle_Lobby_Ceiling_2.jpg (5221 bytes)

Zack and I
"Skip the Stairs"  Submitted by a Visitor
(I've done this many times but never posted it before now.)

Visitor says:  Go up the main stairs right as you walk in the castle. Go in the key door (if you have already beaten Bowser #2), then turn to the wall on your left. Go over to the wall and make sure Mario is as close to it as he can get.  Jump up and Mario should grab the ceiling and pull himself through it. He will then be at the top of the stairs. Pretty pointless but it is pretty funny to see.

Mario Cam:
Castle_Lobby_Stairwell_1.jpg (9625 bytes)
Castle_Lobby_Stairwell_2.jpg (9651 bytes) Castle_Lobby_Stairwell_7.jpg (8384 bytes) Castle_Lobby_Stairwell_6.jpg (8489 bytes) Castle_Lobby_Stairwell_4.jpg (8680 bytes)
Lakitu Cam:
Castle_Lobby_Stairwell_5.jpg (6482 bytes)

My comments: If you use Mario Cam, you will see out into the "Dark World" (see the "Dark World" trick on the page for "Outside the Castle" tricks).  If you use Lakitu Cam, then you won't be able to see where you are going after you jump!

"Power Wall Kick"  By Walton Dell  Possible!

Long jump from the main stairs to the front castle wall, then wall kick off of it, and land back on the main stairs!

Castle_Lobby_Long_Wall_Kick_1.jpg (8570 bytes) Castle_Lobby_Long_Wall_Kick_2.jpg (8652 bytes)

"Butt Bouncing in the Lobby"  By Walton DellPossible!

Do a "butt bounce" jump from the main stairs toward the entrance, and try to slide all the way into the castle doors.  To do a "butt bounce jump", run, hold down Z, then immediately press B.  It is just like a long jump, except you press B instead of A.  If you do this correctly, Mario will say "oomph", and there will be little stars around his head for a second.

Castle_Lobby_Butt_Bounce_Midair_1.jpg (11030 bytes) Castle_Lobby_Butt_Bounce_Midair_2.jpg (11128 bytes) Castle_Lobby_Butt_Bounce_Sliding_1.jpg (7401 bytes) Castle_Lobby_Butt_Bounce_Sliding_2.jpg (7445 bytes)


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