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By Walton Dell

Last Updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Submit your own challenges for any course!

If you submit a trick, please specify if you would like your name posted and if you would like your name to link to your email.  Please be aware that if you have your email address posted, then you could get unwanted email that I can not control.  If you are under 18, please get permission from your parents before allowing me to post your real name or email address (you can use a nickname if you like).  If you do not want your name or email posted, then I will say, "This trick was submitted by a visitor."

It may take many months before I get around to posting your trick, so please be patientI don't update this section of my web site very often, but when I do, I usually add a bunch of tricks at once.  If you would like to be notified whenever I make any major updates, let me add you to my video game mailing list (only a few emails per year!).

You must follow these rules:

  • Do NOT submit tricks that are already on my site!!  Almost half the submissions I receive fall into this category.  If you do this, your submission will be ignored.
  • Do not submit boring "tricks", such as any standard moves that you can read about in the game manual (or on signs in the game itself!).  For example, everybody should probably already know how to do a back flip if they have 120 stars.  Also don't submit any of the 120 stars, no matter how secret you think they are (duh!).
  • Avoid submitting "Very Easy" tricks, unless they look really cool or are very fun.  
  • I strongly recommend that you read every page in this web site (Super Mario 64: Beyond 120 Stars) before submitting a trick.  There are hundreds of tricks already on this site.  If your trick sounds similar to an already posted trick, then you will need to explain why your trick is different enough to be worth posting.
  • Have fun!
Please choose one of the following:

Your Name (or Nickname):
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(if under 18, get permission from your parents first, and keep in mind that you might get unwanted email).  If you do not check this, then I will keep your email private.
  Only a few emails are sent per year to inform you of any major updates to the video games section of my web site.  I use "Blind Carbon Copy" which means other people will not see your email address.


1. Course / Area:

2. Estimated Level of Difficulty (See Difficulty Guide):

3. Nickname for the trick:

4. Enter your trick, stunt, obstacle course, or comments below:

Note: If you submit trivia, please include the answers (or send
them separately), since, believe it or not, I am not a know-it-all.


Disclaimer:  There is no guarantee that I will post your trick, and if I already know about the trick, I may not give you credit for it (but I probably would if it hasn't been posted yet).  All submissions become the property of Walton Dell and may be edited for clarification, briefness, enhancement, or any other purpose. 

Thank you!

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