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The Mario Mysteries

By Walton Dell
Last Updated: Thursday, February 02, 2006

NOTE: Please do not ask for any of the missing answers (although you may send comments).  I do not have time to respond to individual emails about these "mysteries".

"Post Mystery"  Submitted By A Visitor
13 (Tiny-Huge Island)
Date Submitted: Monday, March 19, 2001

Visitor says:

Here is another mystery that I found and I think I know the answer to. Go into Tiny-Huge Island as small Mario. Now go to the part where the Lakitu guy throws porcupines at you. In the water there is a tall island with a post and a sign on it. If you get up there (either use the cannon or jump off of that helicopter guy), read the sign. It says something like ,"I take no responsibility for anyone who gets dizzy from running around this post." I think this is telling you how to get coins from running around posts, but when I try on that post, nothing happens. Do you know the answer?

My reply: Some people might already know about running around the posts when they get to that post, so, my guess is that they put that disclaimer there just in case you do get dizzy trying to get coins from it!  ;-)   (Maybe you shouldn't spin your head while you watch Mario.)  

  > `, @ {}     <= How's that for a dizzy smiley?

Or, maybe, if you believe in Luigi in Super Mario 64, you might want to try running around the post exactly 500 times clockwise (no more and no less), then exactly 500 times counter-clockwise, then go beat the Final Bowser Level, then reset the game and erase all game slots, then get 120 stars and every single coin on all game slots without ever beating the Final Bowser again, and then see what happens...   Of course, most people believe me that there is no Luigi in Super Mario 64.


"Kamikaze"   Submitted By A Visitor  Possible!
Date Submitted: Saturday, May 19, 2001

Can you die five different ways when not in a course or a secret level?


Answers are below...





  1. Drown in the water outside the castle.
  2. Fall from a high place a few times.
  3. Get hit by the ghosts in the courtyard (they are not in a world).

My additional answers:

  1. Get hit by the fire in the basement.
  2. Do "Out Of Range" on the Outside The Castle page.
"Can You Find Yoshi During Credits?"  
Submitted by:  This trick has not yet been verified by Walton Dell.
Date Submitted: Saturday, June 23, 2001

Tman1of3 says:  Can you see Yoshi during the credits???



Answer is below...






If you can't find him he is on the top-left of the castle when you see Mario and Peach waving, right before the cake.


Tman1of3 says:
"Mario Mystery: Where's Mario? #1"  Possible!

Where is this place that Mario is at in the screenshot below?


Click here for the answer.  (Then click the "Back" button to return to this page.)


"Mario Mystery: Where's Mario? #2"  Possible!

Where could Mario be in this screenshot?  Don't jump to a conclusion, but think a little before you look at the answer.


Click here for the answer.  (Then click the "Back" button to return to this page.)


"Mario Mystery: Where's Mario? #3"  Possible!

Hmm, it is pretty dark.  You might want to turn up the brightness on your monitor!  

Hint: A mediocre mystery mixed with a mega mystery makes a minor mystery!  Hey, that's a cool hint if you can figure it out!

The answer for this one is up to you to figure out!


"Mario Mystery: Where's Mario? #4"  Possible!

Now, where is Mario?


Click here for the answer.  (Then click the "Back" button to return to this page.)


"Mario Mystery: Huh???" 

What is this all about?  

Click here for the "answer".  (Then click the "Back" button to return to this page.)


"Mario Trivia 1"  Submitted by: SweetTooth (Josh H.)  This trick has not yet been verified by Walton Dell.

Well, just take this little Trivia test, OK?

1. How many stars are in the game?

2. How many of Mario's friends from past games do you encounter?

3. Where is Luigi?

4. How many levels have bonus areas? (think hard!)

5. How do you exit the Dark World? (it's possible)

6. How many times does Bowser appear in a level? (think, think, think)

Click here for the answers.  (Then click the "Back" button to return to this page.)

Again, please do not ask me for the missing answers.




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